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Focus on Alternative Types of Fuel.
Initial Proposal: Newton's Laws (Force and Motion) using our new motion detectors.

Designing the Lesson:

  1. Look at your TEKS and the ARRC
  2. Identify an upcoming unit -
    • End of the Year - Global Citizenship and Conservation
  3. Highlight Student expectations - How can the students demonstrate these to you?
  4. Create the Rubric for evaluating the student learning - posted on the webpage
  5. Design the Project:
You will be divided into groups and assigned a type of Alternative Energy to research. These types include:
  • Solar
  • Hydro
  • Geo Thermal
  • Wind
  • Bio Fuel

Each group member will be assigned a role become an expert in their particular field.
  • Scientist - How would a scientist examine this issue? Remember to stick to the facts!
  • Environmentalist - What arguements would an envirnomentalist present? Uses emotions of the people!
  • Politician - What stand would a politician take? Your job is to get relected - so compromise is vital!
  • Energy Company Executive - What spin would the power company present? You have stock holders to answer to! $$$$$

Your job is to persuade the government to use that alternative energy source in place of oil. You will have a choice of products to use in your presentation to the government. These include:
  • Newscast or Radio Program
  • WebPage (wiki)
  • Brochure or Newspaper
  • Public Debate
  • Alternative Fuels for Dummies Book