Google Earth Resources

8th Grade Science

Earth Systems - Objective 5 - 2nd and 3rd six weeks

  • Oceans Layer - look at formations of the ocean floor
  • Real-Time Earthquakes -
  • Earthquakes_around_American_Somoa.jpg
  • Plate Tectonics- overlay of info on Google Maps -
  • Topographical Maps - -
  • Seasons created based on tilt of Earth and distance from the Sun. - manipulate the earth and turn on Sunlight Overlay.
  • Sea Surface Temperatures -
  • Climate Changes
  • Ocean Currents
  • Google Sky - Astronomy - review galaxies, stars, planets
  • Google Moon
  • Google Mars
  • Global Paleogeographic Views - "animation of planet Earth's geological history. See how the continents were shaped into their current state with this geological animation exploring 600 million years worth of changes. Use the time slider at the top of the Google Earth client to see the continents morph and shift over time"