Idea for Technology and Language Arts

Powerpoint Presentation

Quick and Easy - 1-2 day activities

  • Turning Points - Grammar questions, check for understanding, quizzes
  • Inspiration - graphic organizers
  • Group Editing - Projector and White Board
  • Pre-made Quizzes over novels
  • Give surveys/quizzes using online software - surveyMonkey
  • Online teaching - Preposition Remix Song
  • Publish Work - Word, Publisher, Audio Files, Blogs, Wikis, etc.

Ongoing Technology Project Ideas:

Technology Projects:

  • Create a Book Trailers - (short film) about a book they are reading
  • Use the sound recorder.
    • Interviewing
    • reading poetry - pictures could be added to the poems and posted online.
    • reading from books
    • recording oral presentations
  • Wikis
    • Branching Story - Revival of the text adventures of 25 years ago. Story begins with a description of a setting followed by internal links based on action choices the reader can make. Each choice leads to a new entry describing what happens next.
    • TreeSim - A branching tree simulation in which choices and consequences are revealed. Structurally similar to a branching story except that the essential elements of a story (conflict and resolution) are missing.
    • Ant Farm - A simulation of a selected time and place with multiple actors. Like a branching story except that there is no single protogonist.
  • Publications - How To book, presentation, whatever...
    • Students take photographs of performing a task (any task)
    • Use the photographs to insert in a PowerPoint or Photo Story -
    • Write directions below photos as captions - or record narration for each picture,
    • Final Products could be posted on TeacherTube, etc.

Resources to Check out: