A podcast is an audio or video file that is distributed over the internet and can be subscribed to using RSS feeds. The broadcast can be listened to on computers or on personal audio devices like iPods or other mp3 players.

Royalty Free Music: http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free/

Audacity Handout:

Podcasts for Educators:
What PodCasting Does Well:
  • self-expression
  • collaboration with each other
  • shows off the personality of the podcasters
  • helps develop a sense of audience

Ways Podcasting is being used:
  • Teacher records steps of an assignment or process
  • Record the stories of a people - group
  • daily announcements - school news
  • Important school meetings such as open house presentations
  • Highlight students doing good on campus
  • Record LOTE conversations
  • Staff Development sessions
  • Audio Books
  • Langugae Practice for ESL and LOTE students
  • Teach others a concept or skill
Ideas per Content Area
  • LA - record original poetry, book discussions
  • SS - Interviews with historical people, journals
  • Use Screen capturing software to record steps on a computer or for a problem.
  • Voice Thread - http://voicethread.com/#home
  • Collections of voices and images. You do need to create an account to add contect, but a great place to start when thinking about podcasting/

Podcasting Tutorial: http://www.guidesandtutorials.com/podcasting-tutorial.html
Audacity Tutorial: http://www.guidesandtutorials.com/audacity-tutorial.html
Download Audacity: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

Free Music for Podcasting:

Free Podcast Hosting Sites:


Other Resources: