Teacher Web

What I like about Teacher Web is:
  • Newsflash feature - parents can be notifed of upcoming events
  • Teachers have full control and can edit at any time
  • Can make various pages to house different pieces of information
  • Able to add documents
  • Quick and easy to update from anywhere.
  • Updates to practice and game schedules can be posted for immediate information
  • easy way to communicate information to parents and students.
  • Very user-friendly; minimal to no downtime
  • LOADS of features

It is very easy to learn how to use and to update the information on it. Parents also like the fact that we can put handouts on it that that they can print out at home if their child has misplaced their copy. I also like the NewsFlash that allows emails to be sent when the website is updated. The system has never been down when I have accessed it so that is a big relief. You can also put a lot of personal touches to it that makes it more personal to you and your team of students.

What I wished I could do on Teacher Web is:
  • Embed videos for students
  • Get feedback from parents and students on the page.
  • Have my information searchable
  • More storage space for uploaded documents.
  • Students could turn in documents to me. (available with Blackboard)
  • Students could store documents so that they could access them both at home and at school. (available with Blackboard)
  • Better editing tools
  • Improve the look of pages/more options
  • Student Forums
  • Link documents and websites within homework/agenda pages
  • Scanning takes too long. I wish there was an easier way to upload documents that are not Word or Excel.
  • Wish there was more storage space
  • The search feature at the beginning is a little cumbersome & it would be better if they let you enter several search fields at once
  • Message Board for students to respond to teacher questions.