Beyond Scavenger Hunts: Webquests

Pieces of a WebQuest


  • Your hook - Why am I about to learn this and why should I care?

  • Ties into student’s previous learning.

  • Foreshadows what the lesson is about with a engaging description or a compelling question or problem.


  • The end result – what are the students going to do in this unit/lesson.

  • Doable and engaging

  • Makes students think beyond basic comprehension!

  • Outcome should include choices!

Process and Resources

  • Step by Step instructions with the resources needed embedded in each step.

  • Each step is clear and can be followed by reading it.

  • Steps move from basic knowledge to higher level thinking.

  • Built in Checks for Understanding


  • Rubric for Grading.

  • Students should know what they are getting graded on and how BEFORE they begin.

  • Qualitative and Quantitative descriptors.

Teacher Page

  • How to teach this lesson including handouts and other teaching resources.

  • Very helpful for others who find your lesson and want to use it.

  • Optional – but highly suggested!

What is already out there…

  • Find a partner – Look for same grade level/subjects if possible

  • Go to:

  • Choose at least 2 webquests to evaulate using the provided rubric.

Where to Begin

  • Look at your TEKS and the ARRC

  • Identify an upcoming unit

  • Highlight Student expectations - How can the students demonstrate these to you?

  • Create the Rubric for evaluating the student learning

  • Design the Project (with the help of your friendly ITS and Librarian)

End Products ~ Think about something different!

  • Podcasts

  • Wikis

  • Multi-Media Presentations

  • Blogs

  • Etc.

Design Patterns


Time to Plan!

  • Start planning your webquest – grab a partner or work alone – your choice!

  • Use the paper provided to get started and to make your notes.

  • – look around for more ideas.

Where to Post Your WebQuest - Suggestion: Wikis! (wikispaces)

Why Wikis:

Work Time

Plan to share your webquest by the end of the day.