What is a WebQuest:

A real WebQuest....
  • is wrapped around a doable and interesting task that is ideally a scaled down version of things that adults do as citizens or workers.
  • requires higher level thinking, not simply summarizing. This includes synthesis, analysis, problem-solving, creativity and judgment.
  • makes good use of the web. A WebQuest that isn't based on real resources from the web is probably just a traditional lesson in disguise. (Of course, books and other media can be used within a WebQuest, but if the web isn't at the heart of the lesson, it's not a WebQuest.)
  • isn't a research report or a step-by-step science or math procedure. Having learners simply distilling web sites and making a presentation about them isn't enough.
  • isn't just a series of web-based experiences. Having learners go look at this page, then go play this game, then go here and turn your name into hieroglyphs doesn't require higher level thinking skills and so, by definition, isn't a WebQuest.

Taken from Creating WebQuests: http://webquest.org/index-create.php.

What WebQuests Do Well:

Ways Webquests are being used in Education:
  • Create a clothing catalog of trendy cloths in another language
  • Getting Ready for College
  • Digestion
  • Learn WebQuest Garden
  • Simulated Interviews (interview a famous person - dead or alive)
  • Alternative History

Where to Start:
Make a webQuest using a Wiki: http://wikiwebquest.wikispaces.com/ as a sample.