Webcams in the Classroom

Webcams are an inexpensive way to have a document camera/video camera in the classroom.

Example from 7th Grade Math. (Thanks to Rich Thomas and Natalie Ortega): Comp test

Document Cameras:

Set up the web cam on the stand and have them point down to the surface.
  • manipulatives
  • Notes
  • Student Work

Video Camera:

  • Video podcasts for students who are absent -
  • Create tutorials for frequently asked questions
  • Record the grading of papers - especially essays. That way students can see and hear why the scores are what they are. Helpful when you can't alwasy have the one-on-one conference time.
  • Record the classroom
  • Record student presentations. presentation recordings can be used for individual student viewings for self-evaluation--could also be used as part of a digital portfolio.
  • Stop-action animation, or claymation - - examples of claymation with webcams.
  • Record instructions for your class when you are going to be out.
  • Create newsprograms
  • Take pictures and have student narrate. Upload to


  • Connect with real-world experts
  • - Check this out as a meeting place.
  • Collaborte with other schools.
  • xmeeting!
  • penpals - kids connect with other kids to learn languages, etc. After meeting face to face then they can collaborate using wikis, etc.

Connecting with Others:

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