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What is a Wiki?

  • A wiki is a type of website that allows users to easily add and edit content and is especially suited for collaborative efforts ( Wikipedia).

Guided Field Trip:


Sandbox Time:


Logistics - Things to consider before you begin.

    • Open v. Closed:
      • Anyone can see and edit
      • Anyone can see - Members only can edit
      • Members only can see and edit
    • How to Log in:
      • Group Login
      • Individual Login - (Wikispaces will upload student info without an email address.)
    • What Extras do you need?
      • Discussion tab
      • Email members
      • file uploads
      • graphics
      • multi-media files
    • How much time do you have?
    • *** Ongoing project
      • One shot deal

    • Monitoring
      • Vandalism
      • History

    • District AUP
      • Ads
      • Names
      • Pictures
      • Work

Determine Assignment

  • What is it you want the teachers/kids to do with it?
Story Starters
Round robin writing
Book Creation
Choose Your Own Adventure
Collaborative Projects
Micropedias - mini Wikipedia
WebQuest - Host page
Bookmarks of Favorite Web Sites
Online list of your Web 2.0 tools (home base)
Branching Stories
Ant Farms - people/characters - whose paths cross and the reader can then click over to the new person - Point of View
Class Notes
Class/Teacher Web site
Data collection
Professional collaboration

Design a Wiki:

Reflection Time:

Use the discussion tab to respond to the following questions:
  • §Write a personal definition of a wiki.
  • Give the URL of your wiki
  • What do you not want to forget about wikis?
  • What is your next step with your wiki page?

Other Ways to USe Wikis:
  • CGI Problems
  • Lesson Plans
  • Team meetings - agendas, discipline, etc.
  • Notes - scribe in class to create class notes - each class adds to notes - good for absences
  • Club Pages - Student Council committee meetings - organize before the meeting
  • problem solving pages - math - students could describe how to solve the problem - rotate kids through strategies
  • health
  • post films - student examples
  • SST meetings
  • post photostories - kid's work (embed from TeacherTube)