Ideas behind MS:

Looking at the TEKS, NETS, Subject area TEKS and the assessment
Become very familiar with the TEKS - become the champion of them

Came up with categories to be covered and vocabulary words to be reinforced.

Categories don't fit into end products, sometimes it is the learning that takes place that should be the focus.

Decision: List of technology at middle school should include Product and Processes
Next step: Take the groupings - determine product or process being identified. This list needs to be finished before the end of the school year and presented to each campus. It can then be used in planning this summer by teachers at the various trainings.

2009 - 2010 School Year:
Work with a collaborative model involving the ITS, teacher, and librarian in creating authentic lessons during the school year. Each MS ITS would be responsible for submitting those lessons to a central location along with notes on teaching the lesson (reflections, things to conisder, etc.)

Another area of concern that was identified: The need for all district forces to be speaking the same language. How can we work with the Instructional Coaches to give the teachers a unified message? (But yet maintain separate identies) Need for training of some sort.