2008-2009 Collection of projects/activities that have incorporated technoloy:

Lillian Robison: Audio recordings of exams played back on computers or ipods, exam reviews turned into interactive powerpoints as study aids, new vocabulary introduced to students using photostory, audio recordings of class notes or text chapters played back on ipods or computers; exam reviews, new vocab and class notes/text records were made available on a blog for students to access at home or school. Blog

Counselors: COIN and Reality Checks

Marlin Parrack: Continued use of ancillary online materials for textbook; links to websites concerning Mardi Gras, Halloween in France, and various other French/Francophone sites; United Streaming videos; YouTube videos; Podcast giving sample oral interview questions.

Eapen -
I used the graphing calculator, smart board, turning point, Computer for excel spreadsheet, online activities , geopardy and so on. Students also did the TAKS practice using the computer carts.

For 6th grade L.A., we have used technology to do various online reading skills practices that are interactive. Students record their results on a record sheet and use math skills to calculate averages if they do not master a skill.
In addition, we worked with W. Cultures on students creating the folktale since our units were related. We provided class time for students to work on the research or create the final draft of their illustrated stories.

USH Dept:
Bill of Rights Wikis
Inspiration Timeline
Document Based Questions Turning Points
Turning Points Reviews
Photo Story Culminating Project - coming up
Word Processing of DBQ Essays
Black History Month Webquest
TAKS Online Pre-Assessment for USH