Wikis - Wiki Training Page (How to)

A wiki is a webpage that can be edited easily and by many people. Wikis provide an online collaborative space where links and edits are easy to do.
Link to create free wikis for educators:, Help Guide for Teachers on Wiki Spaces:

Wikis Explained in Plain English:

What Wikis do Well:
  • easy
  • publishing
  • collaboration
  • peer feedback
  • editing/refinement/clarification
  • organizing

Ways Wikis are Being Used in Education
  • Story Starters - round robin writing
  • Book Creation
  • Choose Your Own Adventure
  • Collaborative Projects
  • Micropedias
  • Ant Farms - people/characters - whose paths cross at certain points and the reader can then click over to the new person
  • Branching Stories
  • Elaboration
  • Class Notes
  • Class/Teacher Web site
  • WebQuest Host page

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